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A Strong Support For The Property Owner – A Unique Network Of REAL Agents at a realistic price.

Real Estate Agents League

Fully licensed REAL agents working for local property owners throughout Australia with the aim of providing the best outcome, best service and best experience for them.

The unique system that allows independent fully qualified, experienced, local agents to supply a full real estate selling experience at a respectable price. Saving you thousands in commission through modern day systems. Allowing the agent to work as the professional and giving you, the homeowner, the service you deserve. Local real estate agents working hard for you. Don’t just Find a Real Estate Agent, Find a REAL agent.

Having a Dedicated Agent, working with a Network of Agents, For the Property Owner

About Us

The Independent Real Estate Agent

The future of real estate is changing. Real Estate Agents no longer need to work in an office that no one visits. The local paper, the local office is now in our past. The important part of selling your home is the agent. The person who has the experience, the knowledge to sell your home for the best possible result. Living and working in your area.Saving you commission, not needing all the overheads and expenses that used to run an agency. Providing a win / win scenario for both the homeowner and the agent. Charging a respectable fixed fee and still being able to be the professional you need to get a great outcome for your sale.

Real Estate Agents League
Real Estate Agents League

For The Property Owners

Real Estate Agents League provides property owners in Australia with the expertise of Licensed Real Estate Agents. Irrespective of the size and age of your home, you deserve a REAL agent whenever you plan to sell. Our experienced and professional real estate agents will come to you, appraise your property for free, discuss your requirements and plan the best strategyfor selling your property and achieving the best possible result.

you will have an agent that has the knowledge in your area, one that will be dedicated to selling your home. An experienced professional that will go through all the steps it takes to achieve the outcome you want. A full service real estate agent working for you at a respectable fee.

You Can Have

  • Full service Licensed Real Estate Agents
  • Fixed Fee of $4880(No Sale - No Charge)
  • Marketing Fees to suit your budget and property
  • Network of Agents working for you

No commission real estate agents, Discounted real estate agents, Low commission real estate agents, Fixed fee real estate agents, it doesn’t matter what we are called. What matters is that you are getting a Licensed agent. A Local, Experienced, Affordable, Professional that can answer the questions like “What is my property worth”One that will treat one of your most valuable assets with the respect it deserves. If you google "where can I find Fixed Fee Real Estate Agents Near Me", make sure they're a REAL agent.

Fixed Fee Real estate agents- $4880. Providing great service, great results at a respectable price.